Student Leadership

Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council provides a voice for all students from Years 4 - 12 and a liaison with those in the Junior Primary. The SRC assists students to develop skills in leadership, decision making and team work. In addition to providing an effective process for students to discuss student concerns, the SRC is also involved in school service and service to the wider community through fund raising for charities.

The Primary and Secondary Captains assist with running the SRC and liaise with staff members.

Other leadership opportunities are available for students who are interested in serving as House Captains in both the Primary and Secondary School. St Martins actively encourages student involvement in College life to promote a harmonious community.

House System

Each student at St Martins belongs to one of four houses providing opportunities for strong inter-house competition in cultural and sporting activities. The houses: Livingston, Whitty, Yeates and Tremelling are named after prominent Mount Gambier sporting identities. House leadership is encouraged, especially in Upper Primary and Upper Secondary levels.