As a Christian school St Martins offers a variety of opportunities for students to participate in a rich worship program.  Student musicians join together to assist with music during the regular Friday morning worship.  Students also participate in regular class devotions and sub-school activities in the chapel.  Parents and friends are always welcome.



All students from Foundation to Year 8 study music with specialist music teachers in our modern music suite which is fully equipped with instruments for classroom music. Students may wish to continue their study of music from Year 9 to Year 12.
In addition to the curriculum music program students have access to a dynamic instrumental music program. Visiting teachers offer tuition in a range of instruments including piano, guitar, bass, drums, voice, strings and brass.
Extracurricular programs include choirs, worship bands and string ensemble. The Year 6 musical at the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre is a highlight for students in Year 6 and the rest of the College community.

Learning Support

St Martins, through the Learning Support team, provides support to students in Foundation through to Year 12 who experience barriers to their learning. These barriers may be physical, intellectual, emotional, sensory, language, social and/or behavioural or interrupted schooling.

Students can be referred for support by pre-school staff, health professionals, parents and teachers or students themselves can self-refer.

Support is provided in consultation with class teachers and may be given in small groups, in class, individually or as a home program monitored by school staff.

In the Secondary years, support is also flexible but is generally given 'in class' where students are assisted to participate in the curriculum to the best of their ability with modifications made to the assessment tasks where necessary.

The College also assists families to access assessments and services that may support students in their learning. Local service providers, such as Community Health and CAMHS provide input, where appropriate, as do visiting Adelaide based services such as Autism SA and Novita.

GATE (Gifted and Talented Education)

Staff at St Martins are committed to supporting the learning of all students at the College, including those who benefit from a gifted program. Opportunities for extension are built in to class activities as part of a whole school focus on enrichment within the College educational program.

Gifted students at St Martins are identified through a variety of strategies including formal testing and parent or teacher nomination. Nominated students work together in small groups on a negotiated curriculum which could include activities such as environmental projects, community based projects, games, puzzles and quizzes.

A gifted education coordinator supports both staff and students to achieve the best possible outcomes for gifted students.