Absentee Notification

Parents/carers are requested to inform the College if a child is absent by;

  • completing the absentee form on the School Stream App by clicking here
  • emailing absent@stmartins.sa.edu.au
  • phoning the office before 8:45 am (8725 1430)

College administration is required to follow up regular absences from school and in extreme cases report truancy to the relevant department.

Extended Absences From School

If families are planning an extended family holiday or if a child is likely to be away from school for an extended period of time parents need to apply to the Principal for an exemption.  The forms below should be completed and returned to the front office before the leave is taken, where possible.  The circumstances of the leave will decide which form is used.  Examples are listed below but if you are unsure which form to use please contact the office on 08 8725 1430.


  • Family Travel up to 12 months
  • Medical/Illness up to 1 month
  • Other/Conditional/Home Education up to 1 month


  • Students attending TAFE/Apprenticeship/Traineeship
  •  Fulltime Employment
  • Overseas Exchange
  • Family Travel (more than 12 months)
  • Elite Sports


Special exemption for part time school attendance due to:

  • Disability
  • Medical
  • Behaviour